Séverine Dehon is a Belgian photographer. Originally from Habay-La-Neuve, she immigrated to the United States when she was 23. She shares her life between Kansas City and Europe.

As a global citizen, she has the talent to reach out and connect with anybody. Séverine is fascinated by the power of storytelling. She wants her photography to promote authenticity, respect and difference among mankind.

Her passion for people is the secret ingredient behind her authentic portraits. She loves using her camera as an excuse to participate in people’s lives and feels privileged to capture their precious moments.


Besides being a portrait photographer, Séverine is also an inter-cultural writer and documentary producer. She is passionate about bridging the gap among cultures and is delighted to use both her camera and her writing toward this purpose.


Her 4-year multimedia documentary  “Sign My Car - Belgian Storytelling Tour" blend those two aspects together.  Séverine visits Belgians in all 50 states of America and lives with them for a few days. After each interview, participants sign her car. You can then go online and click on each signature  to discover their stories! Sign My Car is expected to be completed in 2018. Check out this ambitious project!

“Behind any photograph is a story. I am passionate about portraying people’s identity and the stories that shaped them. This challenge drives me everyday.”


– Séverine Dehon


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